Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Bill Harvey, President

Mr. Harvey’s extensive property management experience began in 1994 operating a management company in Florida specializing in “long term” and “vacation” rentals. Mr. Harvey joined RLJ as a Regional Manager in 2005 and was promoted to Vice President in 2011. Mr. Harvey is actively involved in the daily operations of the management company, working with Compliance, Accounting, and Field Staff to ensure the properties are being managed efficiently and are held to the high standards expected by property owners and various governing bodies.

Steven J. Boone, Chief Operating Officer/CEO

Mr. Boone started with RLJ Management Company, Inc. in 1984 working directly with daily operations, financial analysis and project development, taking ownership in 1989. Since then, Mr. Boone has built a management operation that is responsive to the needs of residents, owners and investors. Mr. Boone is active in industry affiliations that serve managers, developers and owners. Mr. Boone’s career began at General Electric Company where he gained invaluable experience in financial analysis and asset management. Mr. Boone graduated from The Ohio State University with a B.S. in Business Administration.

Teresa Brush, Senior Staff Accountant

Mrs. Brush has been working in property management since 1996 shortly after receiving her certification from Central Ohio Technical College. Mrs. Brush is experienced in all aspects of performing financial analysis which granted her a position at RLJ in 2002 and a promotion to Senior Staff Accountant in 2013. Mrs. Brush is responsible for financial record keeping, reporting oversight, and property and liability insurance for all of the properties. Mrs. Brush’s accounting team members are Tim Hastreiter, Beverly Swinehart, Perry Miller, and Cammy Reader who produce accurate and timely reports with a high of internal controls.

Beverly Patrone , Compliance Director

Ms. Patrone began working in career in property management in 1997 and began working for RLJ Management as the Compliance Director in March of 2016. Ms. Patrone holds multiple compliance certifications from Spectrum, NAHMA, Quadel, E&A Associates, National Home Builders Association, etc. Ms. Patrone has also spoken at many National Trainings on Section 42 and RD 515 compliance across the country. Ms. Patrone has experience working with Section 42 Tax Credit, USDA Rural Development Section 515 and 538, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the HOME investment Partnership Program. She has developed close working relations with state housing agencies, USDA Rural Development, equity investors and other agencies. Ms. Patrone's Compliance Team consists of Joanie Burkhardt, Tracey Bringle, Stacey Hunt, Shelly Spiller, Melissa Carter, Samantha Mugrage, Jessica Novitzke and Virginia Fitzgerald. .

Regional Managers

RLJ has four Regional Managers and twelve Area Managers that are responsible for daily operations in Ohio, West Virginia, South Carolina, Indiana, Virginia, Illinois, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. RLJ Regional Managers and Area Managers have extensive in rental communities’ management, are monitored closely, and are held to strict performance standards. Management personnel undergo regular training and have achieved certifications and designations including; CPM, HCCP, Fair Housing, and S.T.A.R. designations. RLJ’s Regional Managers are supported by four Occupancy Specialists who have extensive experience with the eligibility and reporting requirements necessary to the extensive range of programs with which RLJ managed properties are funded and assisted.

Sue White

Ms. White began working in property management in 1992 in New Lexington, Ohio. Six years later Ms. White was promoted to Operations Manager for Progressive Property Management Company. In 2002, Ms. White became a Compliance Director at RLJ Management and then was promoted to Regional Manager in 2004. Today, Ms. White is responsible for the oversight of all field staff.

Christa Smith

Ms. Smith joined RLJ in 2009 and was promoted to a Regional Manager in 2011. Prior to RLJ, Ms. Smith worked at Millennia Housing Management, Ltd. for seven years as a Property Manager and Regional Manager and served two years on the Bethesda, Ohio Village Council. Ms. Smith is responsible for 20+ properties located primarily in Southeastern Ohio and West Virginia.

Katrina Bennett

Ms. Bennett began working in property management in 1999 with Hudson Properties in Northeast Ohio. RLJ Management took over the management duties of her site in 2006. She earned the distinction of becoming USDA Multi-Family Housing site manager of the year in 2006 and was awarded “Excellence in Rural Rental Housing” at the Ohio Rural Housing Conference in 2007. Ms. Bennett was promoted to Regional Manager for RLJ Management, Inc. in 2009 and currently is responsible for 17 properties located primarily in Northeast Ohio.

Kelly Meszaros

Mrs. Meszaros is certified in Low Income Housing Tax Credits, S.T.A.R for Rural Development 515, Certified Occupancy Specialist for HUD, and has a SCHM certification. Mrs. Meszaros began working as a property manager in 2003 in a scattered site of 201 tax credit, market and Section 8 units. In 2005 Mrs. Meszaros was transferred to the management staff of NDS Management, Inc., and served as the Compliance Administrator for the NDS portfolio until management was transferred to RLJ/Neighborhood Property Management. Mrs. Meszaros became a Regional Manager for RLJ/Neighborhood Property Management in 2011, and currently has a portfolio of 15 properties in Northeast Ohio. She served for 3 ½ years as a council member for the Village of Windham, served on the Windham Bicentennial Committee, and continues to be active in church and community activities.

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